Friday, October 2, 2009

Don't Cut Autism Therapy for Children!

Sheri and Evan Peterson

Dear Friends,

Many of you have heard that the BC Government plans to cut funding to critical therapy for children with autism.

The decision was made hastily, without public consultation and on the basis of outdated information.

The facts are clear: funding such therapy saves taxpayers' money. Children with autism who do NOT get early intensive therapy will cost the public far more in long-term health care and social assistance than those who do get it.

If we make enough noise, I know the government will reconsider.

Our leaders are women like Hollie Davis and Sheri Peterson: moms who have seen the lives of their children profoundly improved by early intensive therapy. They are working flat-out to save this programme because they can’t bear to think of other kids losing this chance.

The true cost of this cut is horrifying. I’ve heard story after story of children who could not make eye contact, be in the presence of a stranger, make friends, hug their mothers or even stop hurting themselves. Cutting this programme will deny many children the chance to escape this fate.

Because of early intensive intervention, many children who suffered in this way are now like typical kids: their communication and social skills improved enormously and they are even able to attend regular school. When they grow up, they will be able to work and pay taxes, to give back to society, and to reach their full potential.

Please email Minister Polak ( and ask her to reconsider the decision to cut funding to the EIBI programme. Believe me, it will help! Thank you.

Click here for more info and to join a facebook page of great folks working on this cause.

There is a rally this Wednesday, starting at 12:30pm at Bastion Square and marching to the Legislature. Hope to see you there!