Thursday, February 24, 2022

Do you live in Saanich South? If yes, share your favourite local walk or hiking trail with us for a chance to win John Crouch’s guide to over 60 hikes and walks around Victoria! 

Here’s how to participate:
  • Email by March 20th and share with us:
    • Your street address or postal code to prove you live in Saanich South
    • Your favourite local trail
    • Take your family on that hike to celebrate the coming start of Spring! (optional but encouraged).
    The winner will be chosen by a random draw. The contest is only open to residents of Saanich South, but your favourite trail can be anywhere in the CRD!


    Tuesday, February 22, 2022

    BC's Budget 2022 is taking concrete action to tackle climate change, strengthen public services, and build on our strengths to prepare us for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

    Climate-related disasters over the past two years have proven how seriously we need to take the fight against climate change. Budget 2022 includes $2.1 billion to help communities recover from, and prepare for, climate disasters. We're also spending $1 billion through CleanBC and the Roadmap to 2030 to make clean energy and transportation more affordable, support industry to decarbonize our economy, and provide funding for local governments to reduce emissions.

    Budget 2022 also advances our vision for affordable and quality childcare for all. Average fees for childcare will be reduced to $20 a day or less and we're increasing training seats for early childhood educators to help deliver 40,000 new licensed spaces over the next 7 years.

    Lastly, strengthening our health and mental health services is also a major priority for our government. That's why Budget 2022 includes $3.2 billion for new urgent and primary care centres, better emergency response times, and support for First Nations primary care centres. We're also continuing to fund the Pathway to Hope, a $500 million investment to improve mental health and addictions care across BC.

    To read more about these investments and more in Budget 2022 checkout this link. 


    Friday, February 18, 2022

    This week, we introduced our StrongerBC Economic Plan. The plan will build off our economic recovery from the pandemic, address inequality, and combat climate change. Right now, B.C. is leading Canada’s economic recovery, and we want to sustain this recovery while addressing some of the key lessons we’ve learned over the last two years. The pandemic, fires, flooding and other events over the last couple of years have exposed gaps in how our systems care for people – and this plan will address those so that nobody is left behind. 
    The StrongerBC Economic Plan sets out to fill one-million job openings anticipated over the next ten years while working towards growth that is inclusive and environmentally clean. We have set out comprehensive key actions and core missions. You can learn more about the plan here:
    This plan is based on extensive consultation, including with business, Indigenous people, and communities across the province. We’re building an economy that works for you and your family, because an economy built for all, is an economy built to succeed.


    Tuesday, February 15, 2022

    Thanks to over 90% of British Columbians who have made BC one of the most vaccinated jurisdictions in the world, several restrictions will be lifted starting February 17th. We will continue with key measures including the proof of vaccination requirement and mask mandates for indoor public spaces. Other measures that will continue are:
    • Businesses still must have a COVID-19 safety plan
    • Restrictions on visitors to long-term care and assisted living facilities
    • Restrictions on worship services
    • Restrictions on child and youth overnight camps
    • K-12 and child care safety guidelines

    With proof of vaccination and masks many activities can return to normal. Starting on February 17th full capacity will be allowed in the following settings:
    • Restaurants and nightclubs, 
    • Exercise and fitness, and
    • Indoor and outdoor events
    Requirements on table size, mingling with other guests, and liquor service hours will all be lifted. Dancing will also allowed while wearing a mask.

    For many people, they will be concerned that we are reopening too fast, while others will feel we are not going fast enough. It's okay to be at different levels, and important to respect what others may or may not be comfortable with. Together, let's stay calm, kind, and patient as we look ahead to brighter days.


    Friday, February 11, 2022

    This week marked the beginning of the Spring session of the Legislature, and our government is eager to continue working on issues that matter to people. There is a lot of work ahead, but our focus on keeping people safe through the rest of the pandemic is unwavering.
    The throne speech outlined some of our goals for 2022. We will continue to increase the supply of affordable housing, double the number of $10/day childcare spaces, and tie minimum wage increases to the rate of inflation. We’re going to continue working to combat climate change, address the toxic drug crisis, and strengthen our healthcare system.
    British Columbians have shown their resilience and how much they care for one another throughout the pandemic. Over 90% of eligible British Columbians are vaccinated - one of the highest vaccination rates in North America. With booster shots now available for folks 12+ I encourage everyone to book their booster as soon as they’re invited to do so. B.C. has also had the strongest economic recovery in Canada. There are more people working today in our province than when the pandemic first hit, and there are over 1 million jobs forecast to open in the next decade.

    We're laying the foundation for future prosperity that will not leave anyone behind. There are many challenges ahead, and opportunities, but by working together we can come out of these tough times stronger and more resilient than ever.