Sunday, October 11, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Saanich South

As our main harvest season comes to an end I want to express my gratitude to the people who are participating in sustainable food production.
My gratitude goes out to those who choose to make farming a career. I want to express my thankfulness to those who frequent our farmers markets. I am appreciative to those who are growing food in their own backyards or in any place they have access.
Thanksgiving is a celebration of a harvest season coming to an end. It's a celebration of food, family and friends.
On Vancouver Island we are fortunate to have a long growing season and many of us are still harvesting tomatoes, but that soon will change and we will be moving into grocery stores for our purchases.
As our own gardens put themselves to sleep for the winter, as the farmers markets close down until Spring, and as consumers, we are presented with foods from other places, I hope an awareness can accompany us over the winter months.

We grow many crops that store well over the winter. One of these crops is apples. As our BC apple crop comes into the market we also see apples from other countries. In order to protect our agricultural viability of this province we should be purchasing BC produce first. Buy BC apples until the BC crop has been sold. It's a vote for for sustainability and BC food security.

Happy Thanksgiving!