Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good news for a change....

A drop of good news for a change!

It’s been quite a month as I work in the Legislature and try to move the government towards more sustainable decisions. They aren't listening yet: whether it is their shocking failure to protect our wild salmon, or short-sighted cuts to a successful intervention program for autistic children. I will keeping working on important issues like these and I know that we`ll make progress because the facts on our side.

But there was one little success this week that I wanted to tell you about!

For years, many of us have been arguing as forcefully that this government must stop allowing wine imported from anywhere in the world to be sold as BC wine. The Liberal government helped to create a loophole called “Cellared in Canada”. If the wine is put in a bottle in BC, it can be marketed as BC wine, regardless of where the grapes are grown or even where the wine is made! This cheap product is everywhere, undercutting genuine BC wines and making it harder for local wineries to compete. And it dupes consumers that want to buy local. It is a deception, a fraud – pure and simple.

Finally, after all our efforts to keep the spotlight on this, the media around the world has begun to report on it. And now, the Minister Responsible, Rich Coleman, has promised to do something about it. Even if he applies just an ounce of common sense he will have to change these rules.

I won’t let up until he does.