Friday, October 9, 2009

Olympic-sized Deceptions

What do these three bottles have in common? They are all sold as "BC Wine" and yet not one of them contains a drop of wine made in BC.

Look closely and you will see the wine bottle in the centre of this picture has the official BC Olympic logo. Yes, this is a wine we are presenting to the world to showcase the best of BC - and yet, the grapes are not grown in BC and the wine is not made in BC.

Today I rose in the Legislature and asked the Minister responsible why the government is letting this happen. You can read the transcript by clicking here.

Have you heard that the Cowichan sweaters being sold as official Olympic gear are not in made by Cowichan knitters. The cultural designs were just appropriated and the sweaters have been mass-produced and shipped into BC.

It is the same problem: local industries that should be hard at work getting ready for the Olympics are left out in the cold.

I believe the government will have to soon stop selling imported wine as "BC wine" - it is just too deceptive and too unfair to BC wine-makers. I won't stop pushing until I see this change.

I am just as determined that government stop ruining the reputation of our world-class B.C. wines by allowing cheap foreign plonk to be sold under the B.C. Olympic logo.