Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How we can help

As the MLA for Saanich South, my job is to represent the 55,000 residents who call this beautiful region home in the BC Legislature. A really important piece of this work is my community office, located at 4243-260 Glanford Avenue. I often receive questions about what exactly my community office can help constituents with and so I’ve tried my best to set out an overview below!

In broad terms, my community office and the small but mighty team who work there can help residents of Saanich South who need assistance resolving issues related to the provincial government or issues related to branches of the provincial government.

We regularly help people with challenges relating to health care, education, small business, senior services, and housing and transportation. For instance, my office recently worked to resolve an issue for a constituent who was having problems with BC Hydro.

Our community office also regularly organizes public events that are free of charge and open to all residents, such as community open houses and panel discussions about important issues.

As well, our office has a boardroom that can accommodate up to 40 people! It’s available to community groups in Saanich South free of charge to use for meetings. If you or someone you know is interested in using this space, give our office a call at (250) 479 4154 or send an email to for more information.

I have included a more extensive list of the ways my community office can help below. One caveat is that our office’s mandate is to assist residents in the riding of Saanich South. If you’re unsure which riding you are in or who your provincial representative is, you can easily find out by clicking here and entering your postal code or doing a manual search.

Ways our office can help:

1. Provide information on locating government services and contact information

2. Assist in understanding provincial government policies and services and legislation and the impacts on the community

3. Assist in navigating through government bureaucracy

4. Ensure that due process is being followed

5. Attend community events and causes by promoting events and organization in the community through our website, newsletter and the community office

6. Provide congratulatory messages signed by the MLA for special birthdays, anniversaries and achievements

7. Provide government documents, legislation, discussion papers and other web-based forms if you don’t have Internet access

If you have any questions or are unsure if our office would be able to provide assistance, please get in touch! Our approach is non-partisan and solutions-oriented, and my staff will treat you with dignity and maintain your privacy.

All the contact information for my community office is available by clicking here. The office is open Monday to Thursday from 9-4, and on Fridays by appointment.

Cheers, Lana