Monday, March 13, 2017

End-of-Term Constituency Report

Dear Constituents,

Here is the digital version of my end-of-term report. Click on the 'full screen' icon to view a large version. The purpose of this document is to report out to constituents on my recent work in the constituency. With the provincial election fast approaching, I am also contributing space in this report to share non-partisan information from Elections on how and when to vote. Printed versions were mailed out to households in Saanich South (unless they opted out of "ad-mail" with Canada Post) and hard copies are available from my constituency office.

Warmly, Lana

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Horgan calls on Clark to ensure Elections BC can complete its investigation before British Columbians vote

VICTORIA— In the wake of serious revelations about Christy Clark’s fundraising tactics, B.C. New Democrat Leader John Horgan is calling on the government to provide Elections BC with sufficient resources to complete its investigation before British Columbians vote.
“With disturbing reports that B.C. Liberal insiders may be breaking the law to help Christy Clark’s corporate donors cover their tracks, British Columbians deserve to have all the facts before they vote in just 63 days,” said Horgan.
“I’m calling on Christy Clark to make that happen by offering Elections BC any resources it needs to fast-track this investigation and uncover the extent of this behavior before election day.”

Friday, March 3, 2017

Families can’t get kids into schools, paying the price for Christy Clark’s neglect to education

VICTORIA – Families across B.C. are struggling to get their kids into their neighbourhood schools because Christy Clark’s government refused to plan for growth, say B.C. New Democrats.
“Parents in Coquitlam, Vancouver and Surrey are trying to get their kids registered for school, but are being told by Christy Clark’s government that there’s no space in the schools,” says Rob Fleming, B.C. New Democrat spokesperson for education.
“Schools are too crowded because Christy Clark lost her personal 15-year war on education when she was ordered by the courts to stop trying to cram too many children into each class room,” said Fleming. “And because she has been too busy closing 250 schools across the province instead of planning for growth, there’s no space left.”