Wednesday, August 28, 2019

 Keating X Rd. Flyover Overpass
This month's announcement about a permanent fix to the dangerous left turn onto Keating Cross Road from the Pat Bay Highway is welcome news.

If you’ve lived in Saanich South for even a small amount of time, you know how essential the Pat Bay Highway is. It is our link to the ferries, the airport, many of our homes, and the businesses we cherish throughout the Saanich Peninsula – including the Keating Cross Road area. Because the Pat Bay Hwy is such a vital connector it is essential that it is safe and comfortable to navigate. But what I’ve heard from constituents time and again is that they did not feel safe making the left turn onto Keating Cross Road. They found crossing two oncoming traffic lanes from a dead stop nerve-wracking. Equally, cars travelling southbound need to be hyper-aware of cars who are trying to make the turn. I’ve heard from some constituents that they stopped going to local businesses on Keating Cross Road because they were afraid of the drive.