Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Website temporarily closed

Dear Saanich South,

On April 11 2017, the Lieutenant Governor will issue a "writ of election" which will dissolve the Legislative Assembly of BC and begin a 28 day election period regulated by Elections BC.

During this period I will no longer be an MLA and cannot do any work as an MLA. I will be one of several candidates running for re-election in Saanich South. Therefore the Constituency Office will not have regular hours and this website will be suspended.

However, limited Saanich South Constituency Office services will remain available in order to assist constituents with urgent matters. If the matter is an emergency please call 911. If you are a resident of Saanich South and require urgent assistance with provincial matters that cannot wait until after the election then please contact Samuel Godfrey at 250 813 3233.

Throughout the writ period, many British Columbians will be interested in more detail regarding candidates and their party's platform. The constituency office is non-partisan and cannot be involved with the election. 

Information on voting and the election is available at elections.bc.ca.

Saanich South Candidate information (available at this time on the internet) is as follows:

David Calder, BC Liberal Party
759 B Vanalman

Mark Neufeld, Green Party Political Association of BC
1-4071 Shelbourne Street

Andrew Paul McLean, British Columbia Libertarian Party
Contact:  info@libertarian.bc.ca

Richard Percival Pattee, Vancouver Island Party
 Contact: 1-844-933-4847

Lana Popham, BC NDP
101 – 4442 West Saanich Road, (Royal Oak Shopping Centre).
778 817 1135

Please check elections.bc.ca for official/updated information 

This website will be closed until the Return of the Writ in June 2017. The back-end (a free blog) may remain searchable on the internet. It is a public record of my work over the last four years.

I hope you will participate in the democratic process! Election day is May 9. You can vote early but not often. Elections BC is doing a great job to make it convenient to vote. For all the details on how to vote, please visit elections.bc.ca

It was a privilege to serve as the Saanich South MLA. Thank you.


Lana Popham, Incumbent Saanich South