Thursday, October 25, 2012

Community Event: Locavore Dinner & 10% Shift Talk

Over the last few months I’ve met with a lot of Saanich Business owners and one of the things I kept hearing is that they think consumers don’t realize how huge the benefit is to the local economy if they shift even a little of their spending to local/independent businesses.

To explore this idea and engage with people, my constituency office organized a public event which included a ‘locavore’ dinner (a delicious meal featuring locally grown/raised food, prepared by 'Food for Thought') and a talk by CUPE-BC President Barry O’Neill. People might be surprised that a union leader has emerged as a leader on this issue but Barry has developed a great presentation ( and even teamed up with people like Shachi Kurl of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to push the idea. (They co-wrote an op-ed recently in the Vancouver Sun).

One example from Barry's talk that really struck me is this: spend a $100 at and the benefit to the local economy is $0.00. Buy at Chapter's and the benefit is $13. And at Munro's or Bolen's? $45!

Over 100 people attended. It was a great evening - thanks Saanich South! Click on the image below to see some photos.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My report to Saanich South

Dear Saanich South, 

Here is a report on my work as your MLA, snail mailed to everyone in the constituency. It should show up in your mailbox today or tomorrow (unless you've opted out of unaddressed admail). 

It takes a lot of paper to do something like this so I decided years ago to do it sparingly: this will be the second and final report of my first four year term. Here it is online: 

Monday, October 8, 2012

In the Community - Video

Dear Saanich South,

One of the questions I am asked most often is: what do you outside of the Legislature? This video is my answer. A brief overview of my work in the community.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Locavore Dinner & 10% Shift Presentation - Oct 23

You are invited!

Join me on Tuesday October 23rd for a delicious 'locavore' dinner and a presentation by CUPE-BC President Barry O'Neill on the 10% Shift campaign to support local economies. 

Shifting more of our consumer purchases to local businesses and producers has a very positive impact on the local economy. We can use this consumer power to get more money circulating our community and improve our quality of life. O'Neill has received a great response to the 10% Shift concept from Chambers of Commerce, City Councils, Business Associations and Community Organizations across BC.

Tickets are $10 per person. Get yours early to avoid disappointment! They are available at my community office: 4085 Quadra St. Mon-Thur 9:30-5:00pm

Free childcare for children age 5-12 years, by reservation only.

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Facebook event is here:

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dick Bocking, RIP

Dear Saanich South,
Update: there will be a Memorial Service for Dick on Saturday October 13th, at 2pm at the Unitarian Church, 5575 West Saanich Road. All are welcome
Sad news: Richard “Dick” Bocking is gone. He died peacefully of old age on Sept 28, 2012. Many of us admired this long-time Saanich resident. He was kind and generous, creative and passionate – and a great fighter for the environment.

To my mind one of his greatest achievements was “Sustainable BC”. He was the key architect of this non-partisan policy document – adopted by the BC New Democrats in 2007- which aimed to create a ecologically-focused paradigm shift in how we approach governmental decision-making.