Monday, June 25, 2018

Buy BC Back With Vengeance!

I was so happy over the weekend to announce at the Moss Street Market that the Buy BC program has officially been revived and is back with a vengeance! 

This popular marketing program was a game changer when it was first introduced over 16 years ago…but it was cancelled in the early 2000s.

Now, we’re relaunching BuyBC to connect more British Columbians with fabulous food, beverage and seafood products from here and across the province.

Agriculture and food production contributes so much to our society in terms of food security, economic activity and community strength.

I announced $2 million dollars per year for 3 years in support of cost-shared funding that is available not only to agricultural producers and processors, but also to relevant industry associations as well as fairs and markets within B.C.

As well, logo licensing agreements will be available for B.C. agriculture and seafood companies wishing to use the Buy BC logo to help consumers easily identify local products. 

More and more, British Columbians want to explore and taste what is grown and produced in B.C., and we’re helping provide the map to doing that by branding BC products with the Buy BC logo.
Our government is committed to doing more to help British Columbians understand the impact of their food choices. We want them to know that choosing to support local agriculture has positive impacts on B.C. farmers, fishermen, brewers and winemakers, to name a few, our health and also on our local economies.

When a consumer picks up a product with the Buy BC logo at their local grocery store or farmers market, the message will be clear!