Thursday, March 31, 2022

Today, and everyday, we must protect and support our trans community.

For far too long, the trans community has faced higher rates of violence, poverty, mental health struggles, and other complex challenges- all a direct result of the stigma and discrimination that so many trans people face. Everyone should have the right to be who they are without stigma or fear of discrimination.

To parents: I challenge you to build a home where your kid(s) can feel safe coming out to you, regardless of whether or not they have to.

For those wondering what the government has been up to on this, we’ve:
  • Flew the Trans flag at the legislature for the first time
  • Flew the Trans flag at the legislature for the first time
  • Updated roughly 600 instances of gendered language across 15 ministries’
  • Introduced “X” as a third gender marker on government ID
  • Moved to ensure publicly funded affirming lower surgeries are available in BC, and
  • Ensured all 60 school districts and several independent schools were part of the SOGI Educator Network.
Protect. Trans. Kids.


Thursday, March 24, 2022

Welcome spring! What's in season on Vancouver Island now?

Always in season:
  • dehydrated vegetables, 
  • frozen berries, and 
  • potatoes
Currently in season:
  • apples, 
  • cauliflower, 
  • herbs, 
  • leeks, 
  • lettuce, 
  • peppers, 
  • rhubarb, and 
  • tomatoes
Coming soon:
  • asparagus, 
  • beans, 
  • celery, 
  • kale, and 
  • spinach
Here before summer:
  • beets, 
  • broccoli, 
  • carrots, 
  • cherries, 
  • currants, 
  • garlic, 
  • peas, 
  • squash, 
  • turnips, 
  • strawberries, and 
  • zucchini
Wow, look at all this amazing local food! Please make sure to support local farmers and producers by buying BC!


Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Homelessness is a complex issue that affects people and communities across BC. That’s why we are investing $633 million in comprehensive new initiatives to help address homelessness.

Here’s what we’re doing:

✔️Introducing a change to our shelter allowance to provide a new minimum base rate and funding tenant start-up kits to assist people moving from homelessness into more stable housing. We're also implementing $600-per-month rent supplements with integrated health and social supports that will help more than 3,000 people with low incomes access housing in the private market over the next three years. 

✔️ Investing $35 million over three years for new and increased supports for youth in care until the age of 27. This includes a new financial supplement, a no-limit earnings exemption, help with the cost of housing, and other needed education and social supports. Youth in government care are overrepresented in our homeless population and like all young people, these youth need supports for a successful transition into adulthood, even after they turn 19.

✔️ Investing $164 million over three years to expand government’s complex-care housing program to better support people with complex health, mental health, and substance-use challenges. This will provide housing and more intensive care for those who may need a level of support that goes beyond what the current model of supportive housing can provide.
✔️ Providing long-term solutions by allocating $264 million over three years for a permanent housing plan to ensure the approximately 3,000 people who were temporarily housed during the pandemic do not return to homelessness.

Since 2017, we've moved thousands of unhoused people into homes with the supports they need. But we know there is much more work to do make up for the years of inaction and underfunding of the old government. Budget 2022’s investments will go a long way to combat the growing homelessness we are seeing across B.C.


Friday, March 11, 2022

I’m so proud of folks in BC who collectively worked so hard over the past 2 years! We have come to a moment that we have all been hoping for. We did this together BC! ♥️

Some orders, like masks orders, change today! And after April 8th, showing the vaccine passport will no longer be required for access to non-essential events, services and businesses…We made it! 

“British Columbians have made tremendous sacrifices and worked hard to do their part over the past two years by following the advice and direction of Dr. Henry," said Adrian Dix, Minister of Health. "Thanks to high levels of vaccination, decreasing transmission enabled by British Columbians' resolve and the public health orders we've had in place, we are now able to lift more restrictions and continue moving forward as a province."

Effective March 11, 2022, at 12:01 a.m., the following changes will be made to public health orders:

➡️Face coverings order: Face coverings will be optional for people in all indoor public settings. People may want to continue wearing a mask based on personal choice. Individual businesses and organizations can choose to continue to require mask wearing on their premises.

➡️Gatherings and events for faith gatherings: The requirement of faith communities to restrict attendance based on vaccination status is no longer required.

➡️Indoor common area mask requirements for employees as part of the Workplace Safety Order will no longer be required. Employers may choose to continue to require wearing masks for operational reasons or in certain settings.

➡️Overnight camps for children and youth order requirements: COVID-19 safety plans are no longer required to be submitted to a medical health officer for overnight camps.

➡️Masks are encouraged on public transit and BC Ferries but are no longer required under the public health order.

April 8, 2022, at 12:01 a.m., if hospitalizations and transmission keep going down the following changes will also be made to public health orders:

➡️Showing the BC Vaccine Card proof of vaccination to access non-essential events, services and businesses will no longer be required.

➡️Individual businesses and organizations can choose to continue to require the BC Vaccine Card proof on their premises.


Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Wow, what a difference five years makes!

The photo below was taken in 2017 when I was the only female Agriculture Minister in Canada.

The next photo was taken this morning, alongside my female colleagues, all of them Minister’s! 

It was such a pleasure to join Federal Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau, Ontario Minister of Agriculture Lisa Thompson, New Brunswick Minister of Agriculture Margaret C. Johnson and North West Territories Minister of Finance Caroline Wawzonek during our International Women’s Day fireside chat to celebrate women in politics! Huge thanks to Vicki Brisson for moderating. 

I am the first woman Minister of Agriculture in BC, and I’m pretty sure I won’t be the last! Happy International Women’s Day 2022!!! 


Friday, March 4, 2022


Masks are for people, not fish.

The catch of the day shouldn't be wearing a mask. Please cut the ear loops on your masks before disposing in the trash so they don't entangle fish or other wildlife. 


If you would like to order some posters to help raise awareness of this issue, please email me at 


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Hey Saanich,
Road safety is important. That’s why using a cell phone at any point while you are in care and control of a vehicle is against the law, even when you’re stopped at a red light or in heavy traffic. #LeaveYourPhoneAlone and keep your eyes forward to help keep yourself and others safe.
Pedestrians, cyclists, other motorists, and anyone else who may be using our roads deserve to feel safe. Please #LeaveYourPhoneAlone at all times.