Monday, August 29, 2011

August 29 - Biodiversity

These ideas on the principle of Biodiversity came from participants in our Servin' upSustainability event and workshop in June 2011.

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Protection of diversity of plant and animal species is essential if ecosystems are to thrive and maintain the resilience necessary for adaptation and survival.

Ways that you can support biodiversity:

In Your Daily Life

· Plant only native gardens

· Replace lawns with plants that attract mason BEES!!! And butterflies!

· Help remove invasive species

In the Community

· Agriculture technologies that incorporate wildlife habitat, drainage systems in watersheds

· Preserve natural habitats

· Stop your pet from chasing or killing other species

Provincial Government Policy

· Urge No bottled water, educate B.C. water is among the best in the world

· Grow and harvest sustainably more from the sea