Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 11 - Adaptive Management

A fire in our office building caused a bit of a hiccup our posting schedule.

These ideas on Adaptive Management came from participants in our Servin' up Sustainability event in June.

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Adaptive Management:

In order to achieve sustainable objectives, the use of best available practices and technologies needs to occur within a culture of continuous leaning, adequate monitoring and a commitment to modify strategic directions.

Ways that you can support Adaptive Management:

In your Daily Life

· Choose smaller/sustainable homes to live in. Make better use of space. Don’t live in homes with dead space.

· Budget to pay more for better quality sustainable food (i.e. cut off cable if need be)

· Share your garden with your neighbor

In the Community

· Plant drought resistant vegitation in parks and properties. Use less lawn/grass.

· Plant more food/fruit bearing plants on public lands

· Local foods in school lunch programs and gardens on campus

Provincial Government Policy

· Change the law that prohibits restaurants from donating their good excess foods

· Increase hydrometric and climatologically data monitoring and analysis

· Encourage voting among youth (in their schools)