Friday, July 9, 2021

Moving Towards Universal Child Care:

The pandemic has shone a light on something we’ve known for a long time – that access to affordable, inclusive child care is not only good social policy, it’s also vital to our economy.
So far, our government has created thousands of affordable child care spaces across BC. Families are already feeling the benefits, with many parents saving up to $1,600 a month per child. Over the next three years, our government will be investing more than $2.5 billion in our Childcare BC plan.
We’ve established ourselves as a national leader in child care and we’re proud to be the first province to in Canada to sign an agreement to build a national low-cost child care system.
We’ve secured an investment of over $3 billion in our plan from the federal government. By working together, we’re making $10-a-day child care a reality for more families.
The pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on women, who often take on more child care responsibilities in families. By making child care more affordable and accessible, we’re allowing more women to make the choice to go back to work or go back to school to further their education.
We’re building an inclusive, universal child care system that will support our strong economic recovery, and benefit BC families for generations to come. Learn more here.