Thursday, April 22, 2021


Since day one of the pandemic it has been our government’s priority to protect the health of individuals and communities. That’s why we’re investing in healthcare to get us through the pandemic safely and strengthen the services that people will count on for years to come.

While our most immediate focus has been on the vaccine rollout, Budget 2021 is about long term improvements to our healthcare system. We’re hiring thousands of new healthcare workers, opening more urgent and primary care centres, and reducing the backlog for diagnostic imaging and surgeries. 

Our government is also expanding our response to the overdose crisis and working to improve access to mental healthcare. Given the devastating uptick in overdose deaths this past year and the general decline in people’s mental health due to isolation and uncertainty, mental healthcare needs special attention. We’re solidifying overdose prevention supports, creating new treatment and recovery beds, and improving outpatient support. 

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