Monday, April 12, 2021

Last Spring, from my constituency office, I was able to develop a restaurant guide for eateries in Saanich South. This guide was delivered to each household in Saanich South, about 22,000 households, to encourage folks to support our local restaurant industry that was suffering heavily because of the pandemic.

Many residents commented, saying that they had no idea we had so many restaurants were in Saanich South. They let me know that they were going to make extra efforts to support the best they could. I’m happy to say we are currently working on Volume 2 of our Saanich South Restaurant and Eatery menu! It will be out in a month and delivered to our constituents homes.
Thanks to everyone who did take-out and pick-up last Spring. We know the drill my friends, and together we must come together once again to show these important businesses lots of love!

Every bit helps!

If you are a restaurant or eatery in my constituency and want to make sure you are included in our guide, please contact our office by emailing or calling 250-479-4154