Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Community Safety & Crime Prevention Awards

(cover image by Joey Nicrotra)
Hey Saanich South,

We’re looking for some local heroes!

Each year the Ministry of Public Safety & Emergency Services recognizes individuals, groups and programs that have made outstanding contributions to crime prevention and community safety with the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Awards. Saanich is one of the safest communities in North America, so clearly somebody is doing something pretty amazing here in Saanich South!

Each year the awards go to crime prevention practitioners that have gone above and beyond, making a lasting difference in our communities. They have made the effort to understand the community’s needs, brought people and resources together to tackle problems, and followed through until results were achieved.

The award categories are:
  • Award of Distinction: honours the extraordinary lifetime contribution and commitment.
  • Youth Leadership Award: recognizes police officers, youth, and others who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to working with youth or youth themselves who work, in their communities.
  • Restorative Justice Memorial Award: recognizes a community-based restorative justice group or individual that has demonstrated a commitment to innovated partnerships that have advanced the work of restorative justice and brought caring and respectful service to victims, offenders and their communities.
  • Crime Prevention & Community Safety Award: recognizes exemplary leadership through developing innovative projects and key activities or initiatives to promote safe communities.
  • Services to Victims Award: recognizes exemplary leadership in providing services and supports to victims.
Last year’s recipients included the manager of a Community Safety organization, a victims’ rights advocate, a community justice trainer and facilitator, a community resource office that works with youths that are at-risk of or involved in criminal and gang activity, and a RCMP officer that specializes in crime prevention, and drug enforcement at the neighbourhood level.

The nominations for the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Awards are reviewed by representatives from the provincial Safe Communities Working Group (SCWG) – a coalition of provincial partners together with the common goal of keeping the Province’s communities safe.
The nomination process is simple. You’re asked to speak to the individual or organization’s dedication, commitment, perseverance and contribution. It’s not a writing contest – just let them know how amazing you feel your nominee is and why. Go online to complete the form HERE.

Nominations close on July 31

The award-winners are announced during Crime Prevention Week, held during the first week of November.

If you know of a person, or an organization in Saanich South that you feel is making a valuable contribution to the safety of our community – consider nominating them for the award! The community will be better for the recognition!

Stay safe Saanich South!