Thursday, January 23, 2020

Saanich Star - Parminder Virk

There are many Saanich South stars in our incredible community. But one who shines especially bright, and who I want to tell you a bit more about, is the amazing Parminder Virk!

Parminder lives and breathes community service, and is absolutely committed to making our home a more inclusive and welcoming place for all who live here – including newcomers to Canada and to BC. 

Parminder is especially active in the Victoria Indo-Canadian Community, and her impact here is impressive. The founder of the Victoria Dian Punjabana Group, Parminder organizes countless events that bring our community closer together and celebrate the strength and diversity of our community. Just recently she was the driving force behind the Lohri Dinner and Dance at Commonwealth Place, which well over 250 people attended!

Parminder has also been instrumental in showcasing her community’s culture and inviting folks to share in the rich history and celebrations. For example, thanks to Parminder (and Dez Daljit Mahal, as well as many others) Diwali was celebrated at Saanich Municipal Hall for the first time ever this past October!

I’ve had the personal pleasure of knowing Parminder and her husband, Jagir, for many years now, and I have to tell you that they are both incredible people. You might expect that someone who achieves this level of community involvement and organizing wouldn’t have time for much else… but in this case, you’d be off the mark. Parminder is always kind, compassionate, and constantly serving others and lifting them up in our community as well - all while holding down professional responsibilities and, of course, giving time to her own family.

Parminder would say that she can’t do it all alone – and this is true. There are an incredible number of volunteers, families, and community supporters who are rightly a part of this success. But at the same time, achievements like these are a lot harder when you don’t have someone with vision, inspiration, and a deep commitment to serving our community to start the momentum.

Parminder is that inspiration. I’m so grateful for all she does to make Saanich South – and our entire community – a more welcoming and vibrant place to call home.

Thank you Parm!