Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Safety improvements to Sayward & Pat Bay complete!

February 2012 Public Meeting
Dear Saanich South,

It was a privilege to spearhead the process that led to these improvements. Smart and realistic input from the public - especially the Cordova Bay community - and good work by many people in the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) led to this. Thanks to all involved!
The changes made were agreed to by the community and MOT after broad discussion, two well-attended community meetings ...and lots of hard work by the MOT.

  1. An acceleration lane, northbound from Sayward Road. People leaving Cordova Bay can finally merge safety onto the highway.
  2. A deceleration lane for northbound highway traffic heading into Cordova Bay. People can safely leave the highway without slowing down the highway traffic.
  3. “Congestion Ahead” flashing lights south of the intersection to warn drivers when the road is congested.
  4. Relocation of the bus stop for the northbound bus to the south side of the intersection. This will help Cordova Bay traffic heading northbound merge more safely.
An overpass was never an option. MOT says there is nowhere near the traffic to justify the cost and there was broad opposition to this idea in the Cordova Bay community. The safety improvements are consistent with long-term planning for the Pat Bay corridor.

We will now monitor these changes to see if they result in decreased accidents and increased efficiency.

I look forward to beginning work on the next Saanich South transit initiative!


Lana Popham, MLA Saanich South

Summary of past work/notices on this project:

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