Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Welcome Fall and All It Offers

Over the past few weeks I have been traveling quite a bit as BC's Agriculture Critic.  It's a hard time to be away from home because my garden is producing so much to eat and I am not around to harvest and preserve.  Food is an extremely large part of my life.  It inspires me to do my job and it brings me incredible pleasure.
I feel grateful that I can combine my love for food with what I do for a living.
As I travel the province and leave my garden behind, I have the great pleasure of visiting farmers markets.  Just being around the growers feeds my soul and as a bonus I am able to sample the incredible products our BC growers are producing.
The photo above was taken at the Salt Spring Farmers Market.  I have been fortunate to buy garlic from many parts of BC but on Saturday I purchased some garlic braids from Bright Farm.  Charlie Eagle and his daughter Bree are exquisite growers and their garlic lasts for months and months.  It's really delicious!

The photo above is myself and Michael Abelman of Foxglove Farms.  Michael has been an inspiration for organic farmers for years and it was a pleasure to catch him at the market.
You can find almost anything you want at our farmers markets at this time of year.  For fresh eating or for the root cellar, it's all here!
Here is a link to find any market in BC: