Friday, September 7, 2012

Connecting DOTS

Dear Constituents,

An important event is happening this Saturday, September 8th on the lawn of the Legislative Assembly.

Last September, Jean Oliver came into my office looking for support and that relationship grew into my office helping to organize this rally. Based on a model from New Brunswick, Jean inspired hundreds of people to stand hand-in-hand between the Psychiatric Emergency Services and the Legislative Assembly.

This year, the Society for the Development Of Treatment Services for Mental Health (DOTS) is doing it again!

Starting at 10am on the lawn of the Legislative Assembly, DOTS hope that enough people will attend to be able to form a human chain between the decision makers and the services needed by so many people.

Holding Hands 2011

Let's connect the dots between mental health and the mental health system. Let's take action and speak up on behalf of our vulnerable families and loved ones!

I'm really impressed with all the volunteers behind this event and grateful to everyone who will take the time to participate.