Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6 - Resilience

These ideas on the Resilience came from participants in our Servin' upSustainability event in June.

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Diversity needs to be fostered in communities and ineconomic, social and infrastructure systems in order to lessen vulnerability to risk, uncertainty and surprise, to maintain flexibility, to aid adaptation in the face of adversity and to facilitate future innovation and infrastructure.

Ways that you can foster resilience,

In Your Daily Life

· Get to know your neighbours

· Grow your own food and increase your consumption of organic foods

· Re-skill – learn how to do basic things such as canning, sewing, cooking, and fixing things rather than throwing things out

In the Community

· Engage youth & children

· Bring dynamic innovative training into the school system from an early age to foster creative caring citizens and solutions

· Give feedback to municipal councils for positive actions taken (eg. Infrastructure, transportation)

Provincial Government Policy

· Mandatory food composting for dense areas

· Incorporate gardening skills into elementary school curriculum

· Prohibit genetically modified crops or imported goods