Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12 - Social Equity

These ideas on the Social Equity came from participants in our Servin' upSustainability event in June.

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Social Equity:

Every British Columbian has a right to clean air and water, healthful food, adequate shelter, quality education and health care, safe surroundings, a sustainable livelihood and active participation in the economy.

Ways you can encourage Social Equity

In Your Daily Life

· Monitor what your kids watch on TV, encourage shows like “Jamie Olivers Food Revolution”

· Organize community meet ups to address issues in the community

· Advocate for the need for publicly owned and managed water etc. Water as a human right.

In the Community

· Support and volunteer for local politicians who campaign on social housing

· Get rid of standardized testing in schools

· Start a garden at a homeless shelter

Provincial Government Policy

· Policies promoting community farming and supporting food banks

· Address and promote healing for the legacy and harm caused by colonialism. First Nations have much to teach in regards to living in harmony and responsibly, these ethics cannot be lost.

· Raise minimum wage to $15-$17 and hour which families and live on and have the opportunity to make better socially conscious choices