Thursday, April 22, 2010

Walk for Wild Salmon - May 8th


Happy Earth Day!

You are invited to my office and gardens on Saturday May 8th at 12:30 pm for a welcoming celebration and walk for Alexandra Morton.

There will be refreshments, and those who choose will walk the final six kilometers along Quadra St with Alexandra to a barbecue salmon reception at Centennial Square at 2 pm and then a rally at the Legislature at 4pm.

Alexandra Morton is a powerful voice speaking out against industrial aquaculture and its harmful effects on wild salmon. For almost 30 years, she has studied the impact of fish farming on wild salmon and her research has been published in 17 journals. Last month she received an honourary doctorate from Simon Fraser University, and she is recognized internationally as an expert on BC's wild salmon. She recently won a lawsuit against the government, forcing the Federal government to live up to its constitutional duty to protect our waters and regulate fish farms. Her goal is ensure that our wild BC salmon does not end up like the destroyed Atlantic Cod stocks - but instead that the wild stocks are a vibrant part of a healthy ecosystem.

On May 8th, Alex will complete her walk from the top part of Vancouver island all the way to Victoria. Her goal is simple: “If we want wild salmon, British Columbians need to send government a very clear message: this nonsense is over, get salmon farms out of the ocean and let Canadians reinvent this industry on land.”

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Lana Popham, MLA
Saanich South


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The Get Out Migration Begins
A people’s movement to protect the fish that built BC – wild salmon

(April 22, 2010, Sointula, BC)
 After 20 years of expressing concern to governments that won’t listen and have shielded Norwegian salmon farms from the laws of Canada, the public of British Columbia is taking to the streets to get industrial salmon farming out of the ocean and away from their wild salmon.

The Get Out Migration begins today with an evening send-off from the fishing village of Sointula. Tomorrow morning the Namgis First Nation will perform a ceremony at the Nimpkish River at 10am for the group walking into the mountains.

 “Get Out for Wild Salmon” released today on org> shows Biologist Alexandra Morton leaving the Meetup River with the young wild salmon and the send off by the Broughton First Nation village Gwa'yasdams Village. “When International companies come in here and lay waste to our territory we have a problem with that,” said elected chief Bob Chamberlin.

Anissa Reed of Ocean Aura and one of the planners says, “people absolutely hold salmon sacred. The outpouring to the Get Out Migration of artwork, volunteers organizing awesome events in every town, offering us shelter in their homes is a demonstration of the attachment British Columbians have to wild salmon. We expect thousands to participate.”

“Government has ignored its own studies on salmon farming since 1989. This is exactly how we lost the food security, thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars that the North Atlantic cod brought to Canada.  “We in BC do not intend to play out this tragedy again,” says Alexandra Morton, “government must support the families dependant on this industry as it is removed from the ocean onto land.”

On April 16, 2010, the Department of Justice (DOJ) had to instruct DFO to lay charges against Norwegian fish farm company Marine Harvest, for unlawful possession of wild salmon and herring.  “This offence was reported to DFO last year, why did it require the DOJ to lay a straightforward charge?” asks Morton. “If we want wild salmon, British Columbians need to send government a very clear message this nonsense is over, get salmon farms out of the ocean and let Canadians reinvent this industry on land.”
The Get Out Migration has spread to other towns. For details