Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Top Four Reasons I Oppose the HST

  • First, the HST will shift 1.9 billion dollars onto consumers and small businesses. The HST will increase the taxes on all sorts of things including funerals, hydro bills, restaurant meals, a cup of coffee, and a haircut. The list goes on and on and the cost to you will be significant. For those on a fixed or low income, this additional burden may be devastating. Everyone will have to pay the same tax, regardless of their income or  ability to pay. 
  • Second, the government does not have a mandate from the public for such a profound change to our tax system. During the last election, they promised not to introduce an HST. The HST is a betrayal of the public trust. In addition, the government has failed to convince the public that such a tax is necessary or hold a debate on taxation options. It defies common sense that what is now being touted by the government as the single biggest thing we can do to help the economy of BC, was not even on the radar of the government before the election. It is a question of trust and respect for the citizens of the province. 
  • Third, the HST is part of an agreement with the federal government that limits and restricts the province's ability to make its own taxation decisions. This is an important power that our MLAs should not sign away. 
  • Fourth, the HST is not grounded in the principles of sustainability. We need tax policy that addresses the environmental crisis we are in…and this tax fails that test. A government that raises taxes on green transportation choices like bicycles is a government travelling in the wrong direction.