Friday, November 25, 2022

Premier Eby Hits the Ground Running

Last Friday, David Eby was sworn in as our Premier, and he has hit the ground running with major steps to address housing, community safety, and affordability in the past week.
Tackling the housing crisis requires bold action. That's why we’ve taken steps to curb speculation, build more homes, and now we’re taking steps to continue this work, passing legislation to get homes built faster, turn more vacant homes into livable homes for renters, and remove unfair restrictions on strata housing that keeps out families. Our government will be working with our municipal partners to target areas with the greatest need and expectations of growth for housing. Learn more here.
We also know people in our communities want and deserve to feel safe. We’re working to make changes to make people here in B.C. feel safer, we’re launching new repeat violent offender response teams of police, prosecutors, and probation officers, we’re expanding mental health crisis response teams into more communities so people in crisis can get support from dedicated community members, and so police can focus on responding to crime. Through these actions and more to come, we’re taking repeat violent crime seriously, and getting closer to the root causes to stop these crimes from occurring. Find out all about it here.

Finally, we've also introduced affordability measures to help people against inflation. A few months ago we provided up to $175 more per child through the BC Family Benefit and introduced new savings on daycare. Now, we're also putting more money into your January Affordability Credit and launching a $100 BC Hydro Credit.

Through actions like these, David Eby and our Government team are continuing to work for our communities, to make them the thriving, diverse, healthy, and safe places we know they can be.