Thursday, August 11, 2022

Building an Equitable BC

There is no doubt that BC’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Living with people from all walks of life teaches us how to better empathize and cooperate with each other. Despite this, some groups are still more likely to face disadvantages, discrimination, and prejudice. During the pandemic, we saw that low-wage workers, seniors, and racialized people were more likely to be impacted by COVID-19. And just this week, Statistics Canada reported that there was an increase in police-reported hate crimes in 2021. There is clearly still more work to do make BC more equitable.
Our government has taken steps to build equity into all aspects of our systems. We recently introduced the Anti-Racism Data Act to identify systemic barriers faced by Indigenous people, Black people and people of colour so that we can make government programs and services work better for more people. This year, we also released the Declaration Act Action Plan which outlines 89 specific actions every ministry in government will take to create a better province for Indigenous Peoples in BC .
These are just some of the larger examples, but work to make BC more equitable is happening in every Ministry. This week, we announced a new anti-racism training program:
More people throughout B.C. will now be able to receive free training on how to help defuse racist incidents through the new Anti-Racism Community Stewards pilot program. This unique program will teach people to deliver bystander intervention training – so they can teach others in their community to address racist incidents. For more information, visit