Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Thank You Premier Horgan!

As you may have heard, Premier John Horgan announced that he will not be running again in the next election. He will be staying on as Premier until the next Leader of the BCNDP is chosen. 
I wish Premier Horgan all the best. He gave me the chance to do what I love as Minister of Agriculture, and he also gave me the gift of friendship. This is a difficult moment but I support his decision.

There is no doubt that Premier Horgan will be remembered as a leader who prioritized people. He brought us together and improved the lives of people across BC. He put science first throughout the pandemic, eliminated MSP fees, lowered ICBC premiums, created new child care spaces and lowered fees, and built a record amount of housing while taxing greedy speculators. He also took big money out of BC politics and took truly historic steps with Indigenous Peoples towards the path of reconciliation.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, devastating forest fires, unprecedented floods, and his second bout of cancer, John always put the needs of British Columbians first.
John is a great coach and has built a strong team that will continue the work to make life better for British Columbians. In the months ahead there will be an exciting leadership race, focused on the best ideas for the future of BC. Until then, John remains Premier and will continue to serve the people of our province. This includes pushing the federal government to fund their fair share of health-care costs so we can make our public health-care system work better for everyone.

Our entire caucus is united in our determination to make life better for the people of British Columbia. There is much more to do and we remain focused on putting people first.

Thank you,