Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Following a geotechnical assessment, Highway 3 has been deemed safe and reopened to essential travel. Monitoring is in place, and drivers should expect delays and single-lane alternating traffic on portions of the road.

Essential travel is defined as:
  • Commercial transporting for goods and supplies;
  • Transporting essential goods and supplies;
  • Transporting livestock, agricultural or seafood products or related supplies;
  • Traveling by agricultural producers, veterinarians and support personnel to provide care for animals;
  • Responding to emergencies or critical incidents, including incidents that involve search and rescue operations;
  •  Evacuating for medical reasons or transporting for urgent medical treatment;
  •  Highway and infrastructure repairing, maintenance and operation and related activities;
  •  Transporting essential personnel, including health care workers and emergency responders;
  •  Returning to a person’s own principal residence;
  •  Exercising an Aboriginal or treaty right as recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982; and
  • Media members travelling through a highway segment for purposes of reporting on the flooding and landslides
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