Thursday, June 3, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, front line workers have been essential in keeping our communities going. Those front line workers include many hard-working people who still struggle to make ends meet, including grocery store workers, servers, and cleaners. Our government believes that these and all workers should make a fair and dignified wage. This week, we increased the minimum wage in B.C. to $15.20 an hour. We’ve also eliminated the discriminatory lower minimum wage for liquor servers – these workers will now make the regular minimum wage. 
Since 2018, we’ve been regularly increasing the minimum wage, which was $11.35 an hour when this work began. Close to 400,000 people have benefited from these increases, the majority of whom are women, immigrants and youth – people who bear the brunt of low-wage labour.  

Increasing the minimum wage is one way we are tackling inequality while making life more affordable. Another action we are taking is increasing the accessibility of child care. 
For too long, parents in B.C. have struggled to find affordable child care, which disproportionately impacted women. As of this week, our government has funded nearly 26,000 new licensed child care spaces, exceeding our original goal. In just three years, we’ve funded more than twice as many spaces as the previous government did in an entire decade. This means more parents can afford to go back to work or school, knowing their kids are being cared for and nurtured. 

When we lift up the most vulnerable, we are all better off. This pandemic has exacerbated many issues that British Columbians were already facing, from paying the bills to finding child care. We are committed to a recovery that benefits everyone in our province. 

Speaking of benefits – have you applied for your BC Recovery Benefit yet? This is the one-time payment of up to $1000 for eligible families, or $500 for eligible individuals. Applications close on June 30th! 
Visit this page to apply. If you have already applied, you don’t need to apply again – visit this page if you have questions or haven’t received your benefit.