Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A driver's medical fitness plays a key role in a person's ability to navigate the roads safely – as well as the public’s safety. The primary tool used to assess whether a driver is medically fit to drive is the Driver’s Medical Examination Report (DMER). This report is completed by a physician or nurse practitioner providing information for RoadSafetyBC Driver Medical Fitness staff in their assessment of the severity, progression, treatment or effects of any medical condition(s) that the driver may have that could affect their fitness to drive.

Driver Medical Examination Reports are completed at various times and intervals depending on:
The age of the driver
The class of driver’s licence held
When a driver has a known medical condition that may affect driving
When a reliable report is received indicating that an individual may have a condition that affects driving

There are currently two types of DMERs:
BLUE FORMS which are sent to drivers with known, or suspected, medical conditions
YELLOW FORMS which are sent to drivers when they turn 80 and every two years thereafter and to commercial drivers at specified intervals.
You can see a sample form HERE.

If you have received one of these forms you are to take it to your family doctor - or a medical clinic to have it completed and then submitted to RoadSafetyBC. This will involve an examination.

The complete cost of the examination and report completion is NOT covered under BC Medical Services. The amount that a doctor's office charges patients for the completion of the form varies from office-to-office and clinic-to-clinic. In BC, doctors are entitled to set their own fees for the completion of a DMER. We understand that this is often an issue with our constituents, and sometimes even a hardship. Doctors of BC advises that it recommends that doctors reduce or waive the DMER fee for patients that are experiencing economic hardship. Let the doctor know if this is the case.

While our office can't change the costs, we can try and keep track of them for you so that you can make a decision about where you go to have your DMER done, and how much you pay.

Here is a current list of the associated fees from local medical clinics - as of July 22, 2019

Name of Clinic (link)
Blue Form
Yellow Form
Royal Oak Medical

Did you know you can find out approximate wait times on MediMap? Go HERE.