Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Congratulations to Serenity Farm!

It was such a privilege to attend Feeding Ourselves and Others at Serenity Farm's community open house!! Many of you have probably driven by hundreds of times and not even realized it… it’s located at 4575 Blenkinsop Road on the grounds of the Seven Oaks Facility.

At the farm participants and community volunteers work side-by-side to produce organic vegetables and fruit which are provided free to the participants and community agencies, as well as sold to the community. Between April and October last year working two days a week they grew 4000 lbs of produce… that’s incredible!

What you might not know is that Serenity Farm provides a therapeutic environment for marginalized people struggling with certain challenges. The most moving part of the open house was learning from the volunteers and participants about how much the farm meant to them and how much they have learned from each other – and about themselves – through this project. The passion and dedication every single person brought to the farm was extraordinary and truly inspiring.
The project is a true community effort, and the amount of people who keep it going are too many to name! The farm receives support from the John Howard Society, Island Health, United Way, Vancouver Island Health Authority, the Victoria Integrated Community Outreach Team and so, so many more. This project also wouldn’t have been possible without many individuals, including David Stott and Dave Johnson, as well as the participants and community volunteers and supporters.

It’s days like this that I love most… the sun is shining in beautiful Saanich South and people have gathered together to celebrate a program that benefits us all and improves our shared quality of life. And it’s even centered on farming! Congratulations again to everyone involved in making Serenity Farm such a success – I’m excited to see the amazing work continue!