Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Update on the CRD’s Wastewater Treatment Project – Saanich South

Source: CRD WTP Construction Notice, August 9 2017
Starting on August 21st, the Wastewater Treatment Project (WTP) will be using truck-mounted equipment to drill approximately 70 boreholes along the proposed route of the “residual solids conveyance line”, from the treatment plant in Esquimalt to the Hartland Landfill. 

Each borehole will take several hours to drill and traffic may be reduced to a single lane during this time. Drilling will take place from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week (except on the Labour day weekend). Hours will be reduced on weekdays in higher traffic volume areas. It is estimated this work will take six weeks to complete.

The purpose of the drilling is to assess the subsurface conditions of the proposed route. 

In addition there will be other preliminary geophysical work along certain sections of the proposed route to identify the bedrock profile along areas on Interurban Road, Interurban Trail, and Willis Point Road.

The WTP has committed to hold public information meetings in Saanich in the fall of this year. The purpose of these meetings will be to share information and receive public input on the proposed conveyance line route and pumping stations.

It is my understanding that at least two public meetings will be held this fall in Saanich South, with one meeting in the Strawberry Vale/Marigold area and the other in the Prospect Lake/Willis point area.

The WTP has also committed to create a Saanich community liaison committee before the scheduled start of construction, the Spring of 2018. This committee will be comprised of members of Saanich Community Associations and WTP staff and it would work to address specific issues before and during the construction phase.

For more information: 

Lana Popham, MLA Saanich South