Tuesday, December 20, 2016

MSP Premiums

Dear Constituents, 

I'm pleased to share the position of the Official Opposition on MSP Premiums: they are not fair and should be eliminated.

It doesn’t make sense that a person making $42,000 a year pays the same amount as a person earning $400,000, or even $4 million. 
MSP premiums do not have any relation to the actual cost of health care and increases to MSP premiums are rising faster than increases in health spending and faster than inflation. 
Since Christy Clark became premier, she has increased MSP fees every single year – fees are up by 24 per cent in the last 5 years alone. 
Recently Christy Clark and her government announced that MSP premiums would stay at the current rate in 2017, cancelling their planned 4 per cent increase. But that doesn’t apply to more than 500,000 B.C. families without children at home that will see one of the largest ever medical services premium tax hikes on January 1st. 
Her ‘freeze’ on MSP for some British Columbians has come as no surprise – 2017 is an election year and she wants you to believe that she’s on your side. The real truth is that over half a million British Columbians will be paying more leaving her government to rake in an extra $46 million a year.  
Christy Clark thinks senior couples living on fixed incomes, and young people who are just starting their professional lives don’t deserve a break. She is not putting British Columbians first – and that is certainly the case when it comes to the unfair Medical Services Plan premiums. 
MSP premiums are another cost to B.C. families, especially those already struggling to make ends meet. The Official Opposition recognizes that the current system only benefits those at the top, and this needs to change.
All British Columbians should be treated fairly and MSP premiums should be eliminated.


Lana Popham
MLA, Saanich South