Wednesday, March 2, 2016

BC Government is failing to fight climate change

There is only one true measure of climate leadership: Are your carbon emissions going up, or are they going down? Under Premier Christy Clark they have grown steadily and are on track to grow more.

Here is the undeniable evidence that shows how Christy Clark is making B.C. a climate failure:

Emissions have gone up, not down

Even Christy Clark’s ministers can’t deny it. Environment Minister Mary Polak said on February 29 2016 in the legislature, “Emissions are going up again, and we are going to have to do more if we're going to see them start to trend down.”

The fact is, under Premier Christy Clark, emissions have gone up every year – they've risen by more than 4 per cent since she became premier.

Emissions are expected to get worse under Christy Clark

Current policies in B.C. would see emissions climb 32 per cent between 2013 and 2030, according to a recent Environment Canada report to the UN. In other provinces like Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, emissions are projected to go down.

The Christy Clark government’s own working group, the Climate Leadership Team, says we’ll miss our 2020 target, even if we implement all of their recommendations. They recommend that B.C. cut emissions 40 per cent by 2030.

Premier Clark refuses to take important steps on carbon

The premier brought in a bill that exempts 70 per cent of LNG emissions from regulation, gutted the energy conservation LiveSmart program, issued a generational blow to transit in the Lower Mainland through her made-to-fail referendum, and froze the carbon tax for at least five years.

British Columbians were promised better by this government and they deserve better.