Monday, February 3, 2014

School kids used as political pawns

Dear Saanich South,

Last week a BC Supreme Court Judge exposed the rotten underbelly of the BC government's relationship with teachers and the public education system.

The BC Supreme Court reviewed secret cabinet documents and concluded that the B.C. government failed to negotiate with the BC Teachers Federation in good faith and in fact deliberately tried to provoke a full-scale strike at B.C. schools. The judge fined the province $2 million dollars in damages.

Premier Christy Clark was the Education Minister when this scheme was hatched in 2002. In my opinion, she owes BC an apology for trying to push children, their families and our school system into chaos for political gain.

A child who entered kindergarten when Premier Clark was first made education minister will graduate this year having spent all their years in school in larger classes with fewer supports because of her legislation.

Legislation that the BC Courts have twice found unconstitutional.

After an apology, the fair-minded way forward for the government is clear: release the cabinet documents to come clean about what has been done in the past, stop wasting taxpayer dollars on legal appeals, and start figuring out how to rebuild our education system.

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