Friday, May 25, 2012

Busy "week off"!

The Legislature may not be "sitting" this week but that doesn't mean I'm not working!

As many of you know, I am the Official Opposition Critic for Agriculture. It is something I throw my all into, not just because of my background as a farmer and my passion for food security - but also because local agriculture is so important to many, many people in Saanich South.

This week my Critic responsibilities led me to turn the spotlight on two important issues.

First, I called on the BC government to support the BC Fruit Producers Association and many others to oppose the unrestricted commercial planting of genetically-engineered apples in BC. A Globe & Mail Mail article about this is here. And please take a moment to sign my petition at the bottom of this post.

Second, I pressed the Minister of Agriculture to back down from his attempt to push through legislation that would prevent the public from learning about animal disease outbreaks. This was the lead item on CTV Vancouver Island News last night. You can read a Times Colonist article about this here or watch the video clip here:

This week I also held a community meeting for constituents at the Marigold Housing Co-op.

"Building bridges of dialogue, one city at a time."
Cycling4Diversity riders, May 25, 2012
But it wasn't all work!

Earlier in the week I participated in the launch of Bike to Work Week.

Yesterday I had the great privilege to address the 2012 Spectrum graduating class. It is very inspiring to see the hopeful faces of our future leaders.

Last night I attended a fund-raiser for a constituent who has Lyme disease. His name is JL and you can learn more about him from this youtube video.

Today I welcomed the Cycling4Diversity riders at my community office and joined with them on the last leg of the ride.

Tonight I'll be at the Reynolds 2012 Graduation Ceremony.

This Sunday at 1pm I will be participating in "Water Walk", a positively AFRICA fundraiser. Join me for a 10km walk around Elk and Beaver Lakes! (Send me an email if you want to participate:

And finally, this Sunday, between 10am-2pm there will be a bottle drive fundraiser at my community office parking lot (4085 Quadra) in support of DOTS, the Suicide Prevention Day group. Bring your refundable containers here and support the work of this important group.

Best wishes, Lana.