Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Smart Meters should be reviewed!

Dear Saanich South,

My office has received several complaints from constituents in the last few weeks about spikes in BC Hydro bills after the installation of Smart Meters. In almost all instances there is no other explanation - no change in consumption habits or energy usage. I've spoken with several people who are furious and scared about these increases because they are on a very fixed budget and cannot figure out how they will now meet their essential needs.

These complaints take on additional weight when added to the many more reported on by media throughout the province. 

The hard-working House Leader and Energy Opposition Critic John Horgan has been loud and clear on this issue. Today he called on Energy Minister Rich Coleman to order the B.C. Utilities Commission to independently review the complaints.

The government made a huge mistake by exempting the Smart Meter program from the BC Utilities Commission in the first place. As John noted, the Liberals are running B.C. Hydro into the ground while undermining public trust in the Crown corporation.

News reports in the last few days from the Province and the Globe &Mail.

Please let me know if your bill changed dramatically after a Smart Meter was installed. The Opposition will continue to demand accountability and transparency when it comes to the Smart Meters. An independent review is an excellent start.