Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outerbridge Gardens

I spent a wonderful afternoon at an open house for Outerbridge Gardens today. What a fantastic surprise to meet Mrs. Outerbridge also attending the event. Mrs. Outerbridge just celebrated her 90th birthday and is still very much dedicated to the vision of this incredible place in Saanich South. If you would like to visit, the main park entrance is off of Royal Oak Drive, adjacent to 1181 Royal Oak Drive. It has very limited parking and is best to walk in from the street or cycle there.

Outerbridge Gardens is a 9.3 acre property once owned by Mrs. Outerbridge from the late 80s to 2005. For a number of years the property was known locally as the ‘Shangri-La Bird and Nature Sanctuary’ and was open to the public.

She spent years creating the gardens, ponds and landscape features to create an oasis for wildlife, particularly birds. Now it is in the hands of Saanich and has many loving volunteers. They are always looking for more volunteers and you can connect with Outerbridge through Horticulture Center of the Pacific!

I would like to thank the volunteers who put on this event today. I had a great time!