Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Season's Greetings and Merry Recycling!


I wish everyone a healthy, green and prosperous new year!


For those who live in the south island's CRD, here are my top 5 recycling FAQs for this festive season.

1. How do I recycle soft plastic?
It can't go into the Blue Box and there is lots of it - like plastic bags of every size and shape. These products are full of nasty chemicals and often end up polluting our environment ...and they don't need to!

The easiest way to get rid of such stuff is to collect a large bag of it and then drop it off at a mobile depot.

(There is a small cost but you can also drop off all kinds of other things for recycling, like tetra paks, dairy and non-dairy gable-topped cartons, electronics and so on.)

The depots run at various locations every Saturday morning (9am-12pm). You can see a list of locations by clicking here.

If you want to see all the different items that can be recycled by this programme, click here.

2. What about hard plastics?
Easy! All clean rigid plastic stuff (except Styrofoam and plastic packages previously containing hazardous waste) can go in the blue box.

3. When is my next curbside collection day? 
Click here to visit a page where you can type in your address and get the info.

4. Is there a limit to how much stuff I can put out on the curb at one time?
No! And as long as you have at least one blue bag or blue box, you can use other containers of similar size and configuration.

5. Is there one place to find out answers to all my questions?

Yes! Check out A great place created by our very own CRD that answers questions on everything from what to do with the old paint can to what can go in a blue box.

For information on holiday recycling, click here.

And of course reducing is best of all! Do you know that our community dumps over 140 000 tonnes of waste every year at the Hartland Landfill.

But there is good news too! Jan Meadows, a hard-working supervisor at the Hartland Landfill, has calculated that we usually produce about 12 tonnes of garbage in December, and 13 tonnes in January - as we clean up from the season's parties.

However, last December-January, we actually went from 12 tonnes to 11 tonnes: great work people!!! We think it is because people are doing more and more reducing and recycling.