Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Saanich Family Needs Help

Dear Friends,

I've been working hard to help Ruth Horst get assistance to purchase bus passes for her children. Ruth is on long-term disability and is the sole provider for her five children. The family lives far from the kids' schools and they do not own a car. They need to take public transit to get to and from school, but the total cost of annual bus passes - $1750 - is beyond Ruth's means.

At first I assumed that the government would help out in such a situation...but they will not. We are continuing to explore every option we can think of. But with school starting in a few days, the children are running out of time.

If anyone is able to help, cheques - payable to BC transit - for any amount, can be dropped off at my office, 4085 Quadra. All funds donated will go directly towards purchasing bus passes for the children.

Below is a A channel news story about the situation that ran last night.

Thank you for your concern and support. Lana.