Monday, August 15, 2011

The Saanich Fair is coming soon! The theme this year is "What's Cooking At The Fair?"

Did you know...........

The Saanich Fair is run by a non-profit Society called the North & South Saanich Agricultural Society

  • The Society has been in existence since 1868
  • The Saanich Fairground relocated from Saanichton to the present site on Stellys X Road in 1992
  • Hundreds of volunteers put on the Saanich Fair
  • All concessions during the Fair are non-profit and manned by volunteers of their organization
  • The Fairground is rented on a regular basis when the Fair is not on.
  • The primary focus of the Society is to promote agriculture via a three day Agricultural Fair
  • The Fairground consists of 70 acres
  • An average of 45,000 people attend the Saanich Fair
  • The society owns the Saanich Fairground