Monday, July 25, 2011

Ingredients of Sustainability

It has been just over a month since Dr Andrew Weaver and I presented Servin’ up Sustainabilty; a locovore dinner and community discussion on sustainability. The following notes are from that discussion.

Over the next 12 weeks, I will post the key discussion points that people shared. These points will be organized under headings of 12 Principles of Sustainability. Within each principle, people explored ideas that can be action in our daily lives, in our community and in our Provincial government policies.

Starting today, I will post one of these each Monday. I encourage you to read the description of each principle and the ideas generated. Feel free to join the online discussion on my Facebook page. There is no particular order to the principles, and ideas often overlap between principles.

I encourage this dialogue to be a thoughtful, challenging and respectful exploration of the 12 principles. It is my hope that this dialogue will inspire action.

12 Principles and the Dates they will be posted:

July 25 – Food Security

August 1 (BC Day) – Protection of the Commons

August 11 – Adaptive Management

August 15 – Precautionary Principle

August 29 – Biodiversity

September 6 – Resilience

September 12– Social Equity

September 19 – Just Transition

September 26 – Democracy & Due Process

October 3 – Full Cost Economics

October 10 (Thanksgiving) – Resource Conservation

October 17 – Ecosystem Protection

Thanks for the input so far – looking forward to more!