Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19 - Just Transition

These ideas on Just Transition came from participants in our Servin' up Sustainability event in June.

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Just Transition

Mechanisms must be in place to manage the transition toward a Sustainable BC so that everyone takes responsibility and no one bears an unfair share of the burden of change.

Ways to prepare for Transition to sustainability:

In Your Daily Life

· Consider your purchases, where they come from, and if you really need them

· Resist victim mentality, be proactive and demonstrate leadership

· Purchase from environmentally & socially responsible companies whenever possible

In the Community

· Set up carpooling at work

· Set up walk or run groups in the community

· Make Quadra Street more bike friendly!!! Increase the amount of bike lanes in Victoria

Provincial Government Policy

· Policies that assist small family farming

· Student loan relief for ‘green’ training or free education for reviewable tech, etc

· Government purchases of land from ALR and made available via lease at reasonable rates to farmers so they don’t have the full burden of land acquisition and maintenance (as with park lands)