Friday, April 1, 2011

The Natural City: A Visionary Call to Action!

April 14, Reynolds School, 7:30pm

Join me for a presentation by Vic Derman, Saanich Councillor and past Vice President and Co-Founder of the Land Conservancy of BC.

The Natural City is a visionary, comprehensive, and thought provoking approach to a better future for today’s residents and those who come after us.

Vic Derman provides an integrative blueprint for planning ‘the natural city’. Well versed in sustainability and climate change issues, Vic offers solutions to what should be our top priorities in the planning process, and the changes we need to make in order to optimize our quality of life. Having been involved with sustainability issues for 20 years, he has an acute and practical understanding of the necessary shift towards urban sustainability, global sustainability and ultimately the legacy that should be passed down to future generations. Topics include: Urban design, compact development, transportation, food sustainability, how to overcome the various political barriers and much more.

"Without doubt, Saanich and our region face a future where we must 'do things differently' to succeed. Past practices have produced a myriad of outcomes such as loss of open space, environmental degradation and choking congestion that are unsustainable and inconsistent with citizen's hopes and expectations." - Vic Derman

Click here for map. More info call Lana @ 250 479.4154.