Thursday, September 26, 2019

Global Climate Strike
This Friday we will see youth and adults around the world take part in a Global Climate Strike. This will mark a moment in history where our fears of the future and our hope for change merge together in a united cry. These precious hours where people will unite will be a chance for many to use their voice to communicate with leaders around the world, and for others to stand in support of those voices.

I have been an environmentalist and an ardent food security champion most of my life. What has fuelled my work has been my deep belief that climate change will affect our food systems around the globe and my time and effort should be spent trying as hard as I can to support a sustainable food system here in B.C. in order to create some resiliency.  It’s not hard to see that agriculture is already being affected around the globe. Soils are eroding due to drought and misuse, crops are failing because of changing weather patterns, pests are migrating and threatening new areas of food production, and food insecurity is on the rise.

Agriculture can - and must - be part of solving the climate crisis. Being totally committed to supporting a sustainable food system here in British Columbia is one way to prepare ourselves for an unstable food future due to climate change. But I believe that we can also use agricultural practices to aid in the restoration of biodiversity, help with carbon sequestering, and bring more new and young people opportunities to participate in a sustainable food economy.

We have incredible farmers and food producers all across our province who are introducing technology that allows for a smaller environmental footprints, ranchers working hard on carbon sequestration projects, and communities figuring out how to become more food secure and less dependent on imports.

The voices that will come together on Friday will have a critical message for us all as leaders. On Friday, not only will I be listening to those voices, but I will be meeting with a young farmer who is part of a solution.