Monday, August 20, 2012

More on local food...

Nearly golden enough to pick....won't be long now.
While admiring the sunflowers, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs growing in our Saanich South Community Garden, I noticed the plum tree across the fence is getting close to ready to pick.

Each year, unpicked fruit lands on yards, lots and sidewalks throughout our communities.

I know of at least two local projects looking to collect that fruit and share it with those in need.

The Victoria and Sooke Region Fruit Tree Projects are both up and running now - and seeking volunteers to help pick (and help eat, of course). I've included links to their websites, below.

These fruit tree projects are designed so that the fruit is divided into shares for the tree owners, the volunteers and the community. The Victoria Fruit Tree Project has even partnered with local businesses to value-add the fruit into apple cider vinegar, cider and chutney to help pay for the project. Go to their website, below, for details of where to buy their fine products.

For more information about how and where these projects work, contact them directly with your inquiries.

This is a fantastic ways to recover otherwise wasted food. Whether you are looking to jar fruit for the winter, make fruit leather or just want to eat fresh fruit ripened on the tree in your own home town - these projects are for you.

If you know of other projects for recovering food, please let me know and I will add them to my list.

LifeCycles Project Society - Victoria Fruit Tree Project

Sooke Region Food CHI - Sooke Region Fruit Tree Project

Happy harvesting!