Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25 - Food Security

These ideas on food security came from participants in our Servin' up Sustainability event in June. Join the discussion on my Facebook page to comment or add your own ideas.

Food Security:
Increased local and provincial food self-sufficiency is essential. We must protect the agricultural land base, promote environmentally sustainable farm practices and support economic viability of food producers.

In Your Daily Life

· Overcome NIMBY attitude

· Buy fair trade

· Go to farmer's markets (Moss St market)

In the Community

· Build a community greenhouse

· Get involved in partnerships between schools and communities to grow community gardens

· Support volunteer for municipal politicians who support urban agriculture

In Provincial Government Policy

· Property laws that encourage new farmers (assist with land ownership, with leases)

· New Policies to prevent individuals from purchasing ALR land and turning it into private estates i.e. 1)Purchaser must file an agricultural plan and be able to implement it in 2 years 2) Demonstrate agricultural expertise/abilities 3) New buildings must not be situated in such a way that restricts future agricultural possibilities

· Funding and policy for food security related programs in schools (eg. ‘Growing Young Farmers’ program)