Friday, September 10, 2010

Saanich Family Gets Help!

Good news!

Last week I told you about Ruth Horst and her fight to get bus passes for her children. Ruth works hard to take care of her five children but she is also disabled and cannot afford the $1400 it costs to buy the annual bus passes that most of her kids need to get to school.

Last week I also contacted every service club and charitable organization I could think of to see if they could help.

I’m really happy to share with you that at the eleventh-hour, the Salvation Army came forward with the funds needed for this school year.

Ruth and her family are very grateful to the Salvation Army and everyone else who showed concern and offered support in different ways.

But the larger problem highlighted by Ruth's story is unchanged.

It makes no sense to me that parents on disability receive an annual bus pass for $45, but there is no such allowance for their children. It seems logical that if a parent is in a perilous financial position, their children will be as well.

When Ruth first told me of the situation, I thought it must be a mistake. But as I looked into it, I found out that this is the way it is. I called the Ministry of Housing and Social Development but they refused to do anything and directed me to the Ministry of Children and Family Development, who also said they wouldn't do anything.

The Salvation Army has limited funds and certainly can’t help all the parents in Ruth’s predicament. In addition, I heard from a number of other service clubs that they couldn't help people in such situations this year because much of the gaming funds they've relied on in the past have just been denied by the government.

I'm happy that he crisis for Ruth's family was resolved this year, but I am also more determined than ever to work towards a government that does a much better job of helping those in need.